What does this mean? I'm having a hard time translating it because I think bits, if not most, is in the Bavarian dialect.

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Samstag aben zader eck. I wära widamoi hoib fareckt. nocha letzte blick uf mine rolex ua, an oag zua dasi a an zwelver seh.
demandé 29-Fev-2012 dans Anglais par Becky Haworth

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Oh, ok. This is a very bad dialect I think ;). I´m a bavarian girl, but I´m not talking like this! Even I can´t understand all of the first sentence. Wait... ok:
Better forget the first sentence ;), sorry I don´t understand what it should mean in German :). I think the person have drunk to much alkohol and can´t see what time it is on his Rolex watch :) and he thought he have to die, perhaps he have drunk to much? I don´t know :).
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Maybe in standard German: "Samstag abends an der Ecke. Ich wäre wieder einmal halb verreckt, noch ein letzter Blick auf meine Rolex-Uhr, ein Auge zu, dass ich auch einen Zwölfer sehe."
"Saturday evening at the corner. I was once again half dead, yet a last glimpse at my Rolex watch, one eye closed, (so) that I (can) see a 12 also." - If he would look with both eyes, he would not be able to discriminate between a standard hour mark (') and the 12 o'clock mark ('') ...
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