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« aye » en espagnol

aye {adv.}
aye {interj.}

EN aye

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EnglishHowever, the Junta chief, General Than Shwe, remained, along with his deputy, Maung Aye.
Sin embargo, el jefe de la Junta, el general Than Shwe, y su segundo, Maung Aye, conservaron sus puestos.
EnglishAye, but you thought that We would never fulfil Our appointment (with you)!
EnglishSay, "Were the oceans ink for the Words of my Lord, the ocean would surely fail before the Words of my Lord fail; aye, though We brought as much ink again!
Di [Oh Profeta]: “¡Soy sólo un mortal como todos vosotros.
Englishaye aye, what's going on here?