« to bear away » traduction en espagnol


« to bear away » en espagnol

EN to bear away

1. général

to bear away (aussi: to bring in, to win out, to get, to pick up)

2. "take off/away"

to bear away (aussi: to sweep away, to wash away)

3. Sciences nautiques: "ship, boat"

to bear away (aussi: to put out)

Traductions similaires pour « to bear away » en espagnol

bear substantif
to bear verbe
away adjectif
away adverbe

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EnglishI could hardly bear to drag myself away
EnglishWe are all hoping to see results, but at the same time we expect the West and NATO to show their steadfast resolve, otherwise we will bear responsibility for throwing away this last chance!
Todos confiamos en que se consiga un resultado, pero esperamos que Occidente y la OTAN sean capaces de mantener luego su posición,¡de lo contrario habremos desperdiciado esta última oportunidad!