EN dress

1. général

Mr President, you promised to investigate the matter of the dress code that an Italian MEP attempted to introduce during a hearing in Brussels.
Señor Presidente, usted prometió que investigaría el asunto de la indumentaria que un diputado italiano pretendía implantar durante una audiencia en Bruselas.

2. Habillement

dress (aussi: suit)
la novia lucía un traje de organza
dress (aussi: suit)
what a lovely dress! — it's not the dress, it's the person wearing it
¡qué vestido más bonito! — no es el vestido, es la percha
she turned up showing off her cleavage in a low-cut dress
apareció toda despechugada, con un vestido escotadísimo
it was her best dress, worn only on high days and holidays
era su mejor vestido, el que tenía reservado para las grandes ocasiones

Exemples d'usage pour « dress » en espagnol

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EnglishThe remainder of his proposals serve to dress the wounds that this option will cause.
El resto de lo que propone pretende curar las heridas que ocasiona su elección.
EnglishIt serves no purpose to discuss the way in which various Members of this House dress.
No tiene sentido discutir la forma en que varios diputados de esta Asamblea van vestidos.
EnglishThe desert Bedouins dress differently to people from the North.
Los beduinos del desierto se visten de forma diferente que los hombres del norte.
EnglishIt is not enough to dress up the policies; they perhaps need changing.
No basta con disfrazar las políticas; puede que necesiten cambios.
EnglishMr Commissioner, The matter of terminal dress has still not been settled.
Señor Comisario, los gastos terminales no se han solucionado.
EnglishMadam President, I should like to know whether a dress code has been introduced here in Parliament.
Señor Presidente, quisiera saber si se han adoptado normas de etiqueta en el Parlamento.
EnglishI think he is used to saying bluntly what a number of his colleagues in the Commission dress up.
Creo que está acostumbrado a decir sin rodeos lo que varios de sus colegas en la Comisión disfrazan.
EnglishNo strategy can dress up something that remains the same.
Ninguna estrategia puede enmascarar algo que sigue siendo lo mismo.
EnglishThey are not fancy dress or a fashion statement.
Englishit was considered improper for a woman to dress this way
EnglishHowever, all this is an attempt to dress up the product in order to hide its real dangers from the electorate.
Sin embargo, todo esto es un intento de disfrazar el producto para ocultar al electorado sus peligros reales.
Englishyou can use this as a cloak for your fancy dress costume
EnglishStereotypes, dress, values, lifestyles and behaviour must be a question of personal free choice.
Estereotipos, vestidos, valores, modelos de vida y hábitos de comportamiento deben ser una cuestión de libre elección personal.
EnglishIf the services are informed in advance that this is part of national dress, then entry can be facilitated.
Si se informa a los servicios con antelación que eso forma parte del atuendo nacional, entonces se permite la entrada.
EnglishYou have not allowed them to dress up with doctrine, ideology or religion, the horror to which they subject their victims.
No les han permitido engalanar con doctrina, ideología o religión el horror al que someten a sus víctimas.
Englishthey dress very well, even in these times of shortage
EnglishI'm perfectly entitled to dress however I like
EnglishI wore a long dress so as not to look out of place
Englishyou need three meters of material for this dress
Englisheveryone went to the party in fancy dress