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entrenchment {substantif}

EN entrenchment

1. général

entrenchment (aussi: small fort, small stronghold, fort)
entronización {f} [Chili] [form.] (establecimiento)

2. "of views, attitudes"

entrenchment (aussi: consolidation)
There has been more and more populism and nationalism, there is too much political entrenchment, and verbal attacks are being levelled at neighbouring countries.
Ha surgido cada vez más populismo y nacionalismo, hay demasiado afianzamiento político y se están lanzando ataques verbales a los países vecinos.

3. Militaire: "system of trenches"


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EnglishIt is unacceptable that there should be such moves of entrenchment as it seems that a given criterion takes on more or less importance according to those who fail to meet with them.
Es inaceptable que haya posiciones a priori, según las cuales se considera determinado criterio más o menos importante según quiénes sean los que no consigan cumplirlo.