EN face-off

1. Sports


2. "in ice hockey"

face-off (aussi: departure, egress, exit, outing)
face-off (aussi: service)

Exemples d'usage pour « face-off » en espagnol

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EnglishI haven't seen him for years, he's just disappeared off the face of the earth
Englishuse a clip to hold your hair back off your face
Englishwe'll soon wipe that smile off your face
EnglishYour desktop is more than just a pretty face where you show off your favorite pictures—you can get lots of use out of it, too.
Tu escritorio no es solo un sitio bonito en el que expones tus fotos favoritas. Puedes usarlo para muchas otras cosas.
Englishyou can wipe that grin off your face!
Englishto vanish off the face of the earth
Englishto take that smile off your face
EnglishThey are having to deal with Colony Collapse Disorder, which is when hives are systematically abandoned and the bees effectively disappear off the face of the earth.
Tienen que enfrentarse también con el Desorden de Colapso de las Colmenas, que ocurre cuando las abejas abandonan sistemáticamente las colmenas y desaparecen sin dejar rastro.