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EN flush with

flush with (aussi: level with)
a ras {adv.}
than a fixed dome or PTZ dome camera that is mounted flush to a ceiling or wall, where only the
vulnerables a ataques que una domo fija o domo PTZ montadas a ras del techo o pared, donde

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flush substantif
flush adjectif
flush adverbe
to flush verbe
with préposition

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Englishthe mirror is fitted so as to be flush with the wall
el espejo está empotrado para que no sobresalga de la pared
EnglishHeparin was administered either as a flush solution or as an additive to the total parenteral nutrition solution.
La heparina se administró como solución flush o como un aditivo a la solución de nutrición parenteral total.
EnglishWe must not flush a gift from God down the drain.
Englishthe flush of her cheeks betrayed her shyness
Englishwe gave the pipe a flush with some boiling water
EnglishThey hold the bank, they were good at bluffing and Sir Leon Brittan has dropped out of the game with a royal flush in his hand.
Tienen la banca, han lanzado un astuto farol y Sir Leon Brittan se ha echado atrás con un royal flush en la mano.
Englishthe first pink flush of dawn in the sky
Englishthe table is flush with the cabinet
Englishsound powered telephone flush type
Englishautomatic telephone flush type
Englishto give the toilet another flush
Englisha flush of anger brightened her cheeks
Englishin the first flush of success
Englishin the first flush of youth
EnglishThe unique form factor and small size of the sensor unit enables flush mounting at places where a concealed application is required.
El diseño único y el tamaño reducido de la unidad de sensor permiten un montaje empotrado en lugares donde se requiere una aplicación oculta.
Englishthe toilet won't flush