EN thoughtfully

1. général

thoughtfully (aussi: attentively, obligingly, abask, closely)

2. "with careful thought"

thoughtfully (aussi: carefully, cautiously, gently)
thoughtfully (aussi: very carefully, carefully, crisply)

Exemples d'usage pour « thoughtfully » en espagnol

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EnglishI would like to call on everyone to use their words thoughtfully.
Quisiera instar a todo el mundo a emplear las palabras con cuidado.
Englishhe had thoughtfully left some food for us
Englishshe thoughtfully closed the door
EnglishIf you feel that you qualify for this program, please fill out all of the fields below, and we will consider your application thoughtfully.
Si crees que reúnes los requisitos necesarios para participar en este programa, rellena los campos que aparecen más abajo y consideraremos tu solicitud con todo detalle.