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« totally or partially » en espagnol

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totally adjectif
totally adverbe
total substantif
total adjectif
or substantif
or conjonction
partially adverbe
partial adjectif

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EnglishAt first reading, twenty-one of them were adopted, totally or partially.
De ellas se aprobaron, en la primera lectura, total o parcialmente, más de veintiuna.
EnglishIf there are other objects in the same position, they will be totally or partially covered.
Si hubieran otros objetos en la misma posición, se ocultarán total o parcialmente.
EnglishThe 13 amendments tabled by Mrs Gröner will be totally or partially accepted at second reading.
Las 13 enmiendas presentadas por la Sra. Gröner serán total o parcialmente aceptadas en segunda lectura.
EnglishFirstly, because this cuts out the Committee of the Regions and Parliament totally and partially.
En primer lugar, ya que de esa manera quedan excluidos parcial o completamente, el Comité de las Regiones y el Parlamento.
EnglishWe must therefore ban toys and objects containing phthalates which are likely to be put either totally or partially into children's mouths.
Por lo tanto, es necesario prohibir los juguetes y objetos que pueden ser total o parcialmente introducidos en la boca y que contienen ftalatos.
EnglishNever, since the post-war years, have so many depended so much on these systems, either totally or partially, and they cannot withstand the pressure.
Nunca, desde el final de la guerra, tantos dependieron tanto, total o parcialmente, de esos sistemas. Y esos sistemas no van a seguir resistiendo.
EnglishAt first reading, Parliament approved a total of 34 amendments of which the Council, in its common position, has totally or partially taken up 18.
El Parlamento ya aprobó en primera lectura un total de 34 enmiendas que el Consejo, en su posición común, ha retomado total o parcialmente en número de 18.
EnglishFinally, a total of 54 amendments have been tabled in the report and of these I am pleased to inform you that the Commission can accept 33, either totally or partially.
Por último, en el informe se ha presentado un total de 54 enmiendas, y me complace informarles de que la Comisión puede aceptar 33, sea total o parcialmente.
EnglishHowever, the fact that 77 of your amendments are either totally or partially accepted clearly indicates that we have more common ground on this issue than you might think at first glance.
Sin embargo, el hecho de que 77 de sus enmiendas se hayan aceptado total o parcialmente indica claramente que tenemos una base común mayor de la que puedan pensar a primera vista.

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