« to walk off » traduction en espagnol


« to walk off » en espagnol

walk-off {substantif}

EN to walk off

1. "go away"

to walk off (aussi: to go off, to move along, to go)
marcharse {v} [Esp.]

2. Sports: "leave"

to walk off (aussi: to scratch)
to walk off

3. Théâtre: "leave"

to walk off (aussi: to exit)

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Englishanyone could just walk in off the street and take it
Englishwe went out to walk off our lunch
EnglishThis is always how it is: whenever something becomes successful, the Committee on Industry tries to walk off with it.
Eso es así siempre: cuando algo tiene éxito, la Comisión de Industria intenta atribuirse el mérito, lo cual no siempre es bueno.