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« issue a guideline » en français

issue a guideline
  • émettre une ligne directrice
  • publier une ligne directrice

Exemples d'usage pour « issue a guideline » en anglais

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He said both parties will wait for the government to issue guidelines for the airport bidding.
The frequency of the cases recently prompted the city police to issue guidelines for two-wheeler owners to ensure the safety of their vehicles.
Instead, the government will issue guidelines for cutting emissions, then each state will develop its own plan to meet those guidelines.
One hopes he will issue guidelines for members of parliament.
He asked the court to issue guidelines to regulate increase in fees.
He says departments have a duty to issue guidelines to their workers.
The local government has issued guidelines to businesses, urging them to remain historically accurate and focused on respect and remembrance.
The ministry has issued guidelines to ensure there is no delay in acquiring land.
The authority has done well to issue guidelines on this issue.
The central bank is in the process to issue guidelines on card security and prepaid cards, he said.

Exemples d'usage pour « issue a guideline » en français

English(b) issue a guideline on the scope of data to be included in financial figures for training; and
b) Publie des directives concernant les données à inclure dans les informations financières relatives à la formation;

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