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it's fucked

1. "broken", vulgaire
it's fucked

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EnglishOnly you got a look in your eye like you haven't been fucked in a year!
Mais à voir tes yeux, on dirait que ça fait un an que t'as pas baisé !
EnglishSince no display cases are being fucked with, no alarms should go off.
EnglishI swear to you, Williams... as soon as I get back, I'm gonna tell my superiors about this fucked-up planet.
Je te jure que dès l'arrivée, je dis à mes supérieurs ce qui se passe sur cette saloperie de planète.
EnglishEvery time I ever got fucked buying weed, the same thing.
EnglishDid a real Lorena Bobbitt on him and he still fucked her.
EnglishOh, you got some fucked-up friends, I'm tellin ' you.
EnglishIt's completely fucked because nobody believes you.
EnglishAnd since I'm totally fucked, who are you?
EnglishIf you're some fucked-up, failed actor I wouldn't handle...... or some prick intern I fired, I will hunt you down and I will crush you.
Si t'es un comédien de 3e zone, ou un stagiaire que j'ai viré... je te retrouve et je t'écrase.
EnglishDo you know how bad you have fucked this up?
EnglishYou know, frog face, you just fucked yourself.
EnglishBrogan, I do believe you're fucked.
EnglishYou're the beast that fucked Nikki!
EnglishYou know what the fucked up thing is?
EnglishSomebody fucked us up big time, man.
EnglishMy whole life is fucked up, man.
EnglishIt's a fucked-up situation.
EnglishThis guy's all fucked up.
EnglishFace it... you fucked up.
EnglishWe´re absolutely fucked!

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