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jazz guitar
  • guitare jazz

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Praekelt also keeps his interest in music alive by playing jazz guitar.
When you're playing jazz guitar, you're playing everything... the bass, chords, the melody.
Following a lengthy recovery, he is back to his life-long weightlifting regimen and is reteaching himself jazz guitar.
Don was able to play anything from real country fiddle to great jazz guitar, and this gave him a real sense of adventurousness as a player.
Now, at 28, he is one of the leading voices in modern jazz guitar.
Here, he shares some hard-won secrets on how to play jazz guitar better.
Halvorson starts out with a spiky, old-fashioned jazz guitar tone, then cuts it with spider-walking lines and electronic squiggles.

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EnglishWe heard the jazz guitar stylings of Lucas Haneman, a young man who has been visually impaired since birth.
Nous avons entendu Lucas Haneman, un jeune homme aveugle depuis la naissance, nous jouer du jazz à la guitare.

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