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junior golfers
  • golfeurs juniors

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One way is to create an inter-club competition for junior golfers, something that's lacking at the moment here.
These teams can be formed following inter-club competitions and once they are made we can have regular inter-provincial tournaments for junior golfers.
Over 80 junior golfers are to participate in the upcoming tournament.
Over 80 junior golfers re expected to participate in the upcoming tournament.
The rules don't allow junior golfers to endorse brands or use logos on their playing kit.
Membership for junior golfers is free, so we encourage those who are interested to come and experience the sport.
The 54-hole stroke play championship will feature the country's top junior golfers aged 11 to 18.
Smith also stressed the invitation to young girls, as the club still has a shortage of female junior golfers.
Zamora says the academy will start with 10 to 20 junior golfers.

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