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« land a gig » en français

land a gig
  • atterrir un concert
  • décrocher un concert

Exemples d'usage pour « land a gig » en anglais

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I've done so many horrible gigs, and to land a gig like this is just awesome.
She landed the gig after a one-minute interview armed with only a snapshot of herself and a printout of her theatre experience.
Apa landed the gig ahead of thousands following a four-month global talent search.
Shimatsu-u landed the gig despite a lack of photographic experience.
If you can land a gig in a reputable establishment, the standard low base rate can quickly turn into $20-plus when you factor in tips.
Chapman says she never encouraged her daughter to work in the family business and was proud that her lineage was only discovered three months after landing the gig.
As with any band, there's always the risk of losing the ability to maintain kinship with the audience when landing gigs with larger capacities.
Matt is a symbol for optimistic nerds everywhere, an aspiring film-maker with delusions of grandeur who somehow landed a gig pulling off the greatest film illusion in history.
Cullen credits the "groundswell" of support from his fan base for landing the gig.

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