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large grouping
  • grand groupe
  • grand regroupement

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Ces phrases proviennent de sources externes et peuvent ne pas être tout à fait correctes. bab.la décline toute responsabilité vis-à-vis de leurs contenus.

In addition, large groupings of like-minded countries often pool their votes, creating majority blocs that can dictate outcomes.
Only a few decades ago, for example, scientists recognized less than 10 bacterial phyla, large groupings of related life forms.
Large groupings of bee-friendly flowers, at least one meter square will attract and feed more bees.
I start by landing my ship very close to a large grouping of the boulders.
The first coins they found were a large grouping of silver half-crowns.
The new conservation initiative will create the largest grouping of nature conservation organisations and researchers in the world.
This important discovery may be the largest grouping of flame shells anywhere in the world.
It shows only the general locations of larger groupings of people which may include clans, dialects or individual languages in a group.
These large groupings when life is good may facilitate information exchange and mating.
In trios and larger groupings, the individual actions of the dancers become almost impenetrable.

Exemples d'usage pour « large grouping » en français

EnglishIn the General Service category, there is also a large grouping (58 per cent) at the middle GS-4, GS-5 and GS-6 levels.
Les agents des services généraux sont également plus nombreux (58 %) aux échelons GS-4, GS-5 et GS-6.

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