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large grower
  • grand producteur

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He said that they need support from the government as they are the largest growers of flowers in the province.
Korea is one of the largest growers of farmed ginseng in the world.
Baptista has been building relationships with some of the largest growers, shippers, distributors and retailers in the country.
This was because a number of larger growers had dropped out or switched to other products.
The partnership includes universities, research institutes, a system integrator and a large grower of sweet pepper.
It has changed the country from being a net importer to the world's second largest grower.
Hydroponics, however, allows an individual or a larger grower to cultivate marijuana discreetly indoors or in inclement conditions year-round.
Dellabarca said many larger growers were locked into lower value apple varieties, while many smaller growers were profiting by growing new varieties and finding market niches for themselves offshore.
Brazil is the world's biggest producer of high quality arabica coffee and the second largest grower of robusta beans.

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