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law grads
  • diplômés en droit

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About a hundred law grads walked out on their own graduation ceremony in protest.
The next likeliest group to join the one per cent were law grads (seven per cent).
So while a select few law grads can make double, triple or even quadruple the national average salary, most won't.
The "scamblogs" receive heavy traffic and each post elicits hundreds of responses from morose, depressed, and increasingly hopeless law grads.
This has significant implications for access to justice and public interest law, where fewer law grads are going because of the need to pay off debts.
In better times, it would be awesome to have three new law grads in the family.
At the same time, the existing law schools have increased their enrollment which is causing rising unemployment for law grads and junior lawyers.
To be sure, there are "income-based" repayment plans that let law grads spend even more time paying off their loans.
Law schools, meanwhile, brush aside criticism that they've created an oversupply of law grads by ramping up admissions.
Sound advice to my ears, but a lot of the law grads hated it, apparently.

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