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lead guitar
  • guitare plomb
  • guitare de plomb
lead guitarist
  • guitariste principal

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She has set the bar high for females in the rock genre for decades, and she knows how to rock the lead guitar.
There are two major guitars, one is called the bass guitar and the other is the lead guitar.
Brownstein rocked it on lead guitar, thrashing about during solo breaks and throwing in the occasional windmill or three.
It lets players simulate music using special instrument controllers including lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, and vocals.
Everything they did to it has made it a really great lead guitar -- it sounds amazing.
All we needed was drums, a bass... and some lead guitar, of course.
It's been traditionally this mixture, and that's why we don't have a lead guitar -- they can be rhythmic melodies instead or entwining harmonies.
Townshend went into the solo and started playing blistering lead guitar, absolutely wailing.
Are you now in a place where you feel comfortable with your instincts as a lead guitarist?
He only had a 4-member string quartet, a lead guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, and he played the piano.
The four of us, minus a lead guitarist, we'd been a band for some time.
With the name you guys had back in the day, you couldn't find a lead guitarist?
Mo's band is not like most bands where the lead guitarist is the only one who has solos.
I even played night clubs as a lead guitarist in a very loud band!
The lead guitarist has no difficulty admitting that he loves drawing inspiration while on the road.

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