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league game
  • jeu de ligue

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But until he gets back into "real-time play" in a league game, his recovery will not be complete.
Pearl was coming to play in a summer league game, and that meant a big crowd and few seats -- only hot cement.
I think it would be tough to make that adjustment while pitching in a major league game.
I'm very pleased to see him in this form, despite the fact he didn't start the last league game.
It's typically easy to get tickets to a minor league game and a much more affordable option for families on a budget.
We've had a bit of time to reflect on that last league game and now it's up to us to improve.
Arsenal have scored at a rate of 1.58 goals per league game this season.
The main target is to make sure that we take points in our next league game and keep going like that.

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EnglishHockey was also celebrated in Whitehorse, which hosted the first ever regular season Western Hockey League game played in Yukon.
Le hockey a également été célébré à Whitehorse, où s'est déroulé le tout premier match de la saison régulière de la ligue de hockey de l'Ouest jamais tenu au Yukon.

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