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learn the grammar
  • apprendre la grammaire

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While many of us never learnt grammar in depth at school, all year 12 students will now study the subject.
We do some things very traditionally: children learn to read with synthetic phonics, they learn grammar.
Rather, meaningful exposure to large samples of language is necessary in learning grammar.
You seem to spend one day learning a grammar rule, then you seem to spend several weeks learning all the exceptions to that supposedly simple rule.
The language should not just be implemented into the system; students should not just learn grammar in the classroom.
Even as they go through the callous-building phase, we admire anyone who learns the grammar of chords and then strings these phrases together into music.
A meaningful way to teach and learn grammar would be to use the grammatical unit in a meaningful context.
Surely the children will be able to recite beautiful poetry, but will probably not learn the grammar, reading or writing skills that are the fundamentals.

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