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rude gestures
  • gestes grossiers

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Ces phrases proviennent de sources externes et peuvent ne pas être tout à fait correctes. bab.la décline toute responsabilité vis-à-vis de leurs contenus.

Criminal charges can also be brought for using bad language or making rude gestures.
He denied inciting anyone at the match although he did admit acting as a "plonker" by making rude gestures.
He swept past me over a solid white line, his head exploding and his fingers making rude gestures.
Lumley, in particular, is a joy to watch, whether she's injecting her own botox or making rude gestures.
I actually witnessed sneers and rude gestures towards the crown attorney when she gave her summary.
Members said they were punched, pinched, scratched and had their hair pulled by security agents and civilians, who made rude gestures and swore at them.
The two suspects made rude gestures at the court gallery, sparking angry reaction.
It could have been as small as 23 people out of 50 surveyed used rude gestures.
Other popular triggers included being cut up in a lane, and when other drivers made rude gestures.

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