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wry grin
  • Wry sourire
  • sourire ironique

Exemples d'usage pour « wry grin » en anglais

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In the 31st game of the final set, when he mis-hit back-to-back forehands -- the second sailed long -- he gave his wife a wry grin.
Moss might take sizeable bites out of life, but as she says with a wry grin, "they are chewable".
To make that photo interesting to me, the app will overlay an image of me flashing a wry grin.
With a wry grin, he says it was too fast to look at the speedometer.
With a cigarette and a wry grin, he speaks in short declarative bursts, with more of a growl than a voice.
As he hangs up he flashes a wry grin and states he's been waiting for the chance to say that.
Asked whether digging into her emotional life to write songs is scary, she answers with a wry grin and a simple "no".

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