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« your skin glow » en français

your skin glow
  • votre peau brillante
  • votre lueur de peau

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Applying it two to three times a week will make your skin glow.
Argon oil is known for it's anti-aging properties and helps your skin glow.
It makes your skin glow (albeit because of sweat) and your hair go wild.
Sometimes, you might even find yourself going back to the restaurant where the dim lighting makes your skin glow.
The fragrance of the rose petals will relax the body, reduce stress and make your skin glow.
Vegetarian foods lack the nasty and highly processed foods that are substituted with healthier nutrients that will make your skin glow.
You could use it to trap flies, dye fabric, clean the counter top and make your skin glow.
Body polishing is actually an improvised kind of body massage which makes your skin glow and shine.

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