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British American Tobacco
Internship Program (São Paulo, Finance)
São Paulo
Consumer Goods, Tobacco
Finance, Accounting/Auditing
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  • Internship Program (São Paulo, Finance)

    The Souza Cruz Internship Program aims to develop young talents and turn them into a great career. We seek to develop a team capable of following the evolution of the business and building the future of the organization. For this reason, we invest in young people who can make a difference and who see Souza Cruz as an ideal partner to start their careers.To develop our new generation of leaders, we rely on STEP, a program where trainees and interns take part in face-to-face and virtual actions, in which several topics are addressed, such as

    • Self-knowledge Perception of one's abilities and limitations, as well as their own emotions and actions; to perceive the impressions of their attitudes in their work and the people of their conviviality; be able to identify opportunities to leverage their strengths and minimize impacts from their weaknesses.
    • Culture and organizational context Perpetuate the ethical principles of the organization, ensuring that the way of being, delivering and expressing oneself are consistent with those of the company; perceive its role and align with the way of being of the organizational culture.
    • Career Become aware that you must act as the protagonist of your own life history, your development and career management. In addition, create and recognize opportunities for growth in the current professional moment and set the path you want to tread over time to get to achieve what you want.
    • Analysis and problem solving Realize adversities as both personal and organizational opportunities; develop problem-solving skills; be able to identify and evaluate possible alternatives, resources and risks involved, offering effective solutions to the day-to-day challenges; be able to apply tools and methodologies presented in this module in their routine.
    • Creative and enterprising attitude To know the history of people who act and think differently and who, with discipline, commitment and dedication, have turned an idea into concrete results. From there, practice a new look at situations and problems, exercising the ability to propose innovative solutions; be able to apply the brainstorming methods presented in the module in their daily lives.
    • Personal Effectiveness Being able to estimate the time needed to carry out their activities; organize, tasks within their work period through the methodologies presented in the module; assess the size of importance and urgency to have a better level of prioritization; always make the reflection as it is balancing the professional and personal life.
    • University students expecting to graduate between Jan / 2020 and Jan / 2021.
    • Coursing any of the following careers
      • Engineering
      • Accounting
      • Business Administration
      • Economy
    • Able to work 20 or 30 hours weekly.
    • Advanced English.

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