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C132 Internship in China - Event management
Media and Publishing
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C132 Internship in China - Event management

Industry: Media & Publishing

Company Introduction:
We are a small, UK-owned media and design company, and our base in Qingdao focuses on the publishing of a city magazine (as well as an annual education guide). Our magazine is a 12,000 circulation, 64-page English-language magazine that finds and delivers the best of Qingdao to our mostly non-Chinese readership. As part of the team, you will have a large amount of responsibility from day one, and in many cases you may be the only person working on a task. In practice, this means that you will have considerable independence in your work; and that your opinions will always be listened to. We are a very creative and dynamic company. Our hours are flexible and our work is done to a high standard, but is enjoyable. We find interesting places and work with a huge variety of interesting people, in the constantly changing China. If you’re enthusiastic and dedicated, and want responsibility, creativity and space to grow, then this job is for you.

Internship Position (C132) – Event management Internship

- Planning fun, interesting and manageable events with the aim of increasing our brand visibility and city networks
- Constant communication with sales and editorial team, to integrate our events with what’s being published and the clients we work with
- Working with/on our digital and social media outlets to promote events
- Approaching current and potential event clients with ideas that are mutually beneficial to us and the client (e.g. on seeing a new bar that looks fun/lots of people go to, the ideal candidate would immediately start thinking of ways we can cooperate with the bar, such as holding a music night there, to expand our network and also help the bar reach new audiences.)

- Excellent English is essential, Mandarin strongly desirable
- Genuine enthusiasm for restaurants and nightlife
- Intuitive sense for what makes a great event, and what different audiences are after
- Publicity and marketing know-how
- Excellent organization skills and ability to work to deadlines (which may mean longer hours as an event approaches)
- Attention to detail and ability to think ahead for potential problems, hitches
- Quick adaptability to changes in event requirements and circumstances
- Excellent attention to detail and critical skills (i.e. being able to spot when an article is not useful, or formatted incorrectly)

- negotiable

Please send your English Cv at